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Bilingual Learning Model

Experience a bilingual summer camp like no other! Our program uses a structured 50/50 Mandarin-English instruction model. By combining equal amounts of both languages, your children will engage with new cultures and enhance their language skills. Every day, your child will learn to listen, speak, read, and write equally in both Mandarin and English, guided by expert teachers who are fluent in both languages. Join us for an immersive language journey!

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Building Creativity Through Art and Music

At Top-Notch STEAM Academy Summer Camp, we utilize

the Orff Approach to create a fun and engaging learning experience for your child. By incorporating music, movement, drama, and speaking skills into our summer camp lessons, we foster creativity and encourage artistic expression.

We will also cultivate your child’s creativity through Makerspaces classes.  Makerspaces support hands-on learning, inquiring, and discovering. Makerspaces allow your child to learn best by doing artwork and thinking creatively. 

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Summer Camp Curriculum

Top-Notch STEAM Summer Camp is designed with three key learning themes: endangered animals, animal community, and environmental sustainability. The STEAM curriculum, including Lego Spike Essential, Kebbi Robot, Makerspace, and Orff music, are all integrated with the learning themes. Your children will use both English and Mandarin languages to learn the content. In addition, they will learn coding skills during both robotic classes. 

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Mission and Vision

Top-Notch STEAM Academy Summer Camp provides a personalized inquiry-based learning environment that inspire students to unleash their unlimited potential through differentiated instruction. 

We facilitate relevant learning that allows students to explore their own learning interest, build confidence, develop creativity, collaborate with others, and solve real-world problems.

Our goal is to collaboratively support all students in developing critical thinking skills, learning autonomy, problem-solving ability, teamwork, and ultimately become a valuable contributor to our global society.

Discover the joy of learning
Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts,
Music, and Math!

Your child will experience hands-on, inquiry-based learning themes on animal habitats and environmental sustainability. Through guided discussions, experiments, and activities, your child will gain knowledge and discover the knowledge of their learning theme by answering the essential questions over the entire learning period.

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Equip your child with essential skills like computational thinking, algorithms, and app development using our 1:1 devices. Our curriculum focuses on coding through hands-on experiences with Lego Spike Essential Robots and Kebbi Robots. Prepare your child for a tech-savvy future with us. 

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Our program will equip your child with the skills of engineering, computer science, design thinking, and logical reasoning. Featuring cutting-edge AI, software, and hardware technology, Kebbi Educational Robot delivers a one-of-a-kind interactive experience with a range of facial expressions, body movements, and communicative interactions. 

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Arts and Music

In our program, students will experience an innovative approach to art education that combines movement, dance, speech, and percussion instruments. We provide a creative environment where your child can freely express themselves and cultivate their design thinking skills using various art and craft materials. Rest assured, your child will have the opportunity to explore their artistic abilities while having a blast!

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We will help your child to review and advance their math skills through the unique NextGenMath program. This program provides rigorous and unlimited Common Core Math practice organized by claims, targets, standards, and/or question stems. Your child will automatically assign new assignments when they complete their work. Math games, subitizing, multiples matrices, and procedural fluency practice are just a few examples of features that your children can access on their own through this program. 

English and Mandarin Dual Language
STEAM Summer Camp
1st to 5th Grade Elementary School Students
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