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In February 2023, Christina Hsu joined visionary leaders, including Mr. Jim Chen, Ms. Theresa Lee, and Mr. Tai-Ding Woo, to establish the Top-Notch Educational Group. This nonprofit public benefit corporation oversees and nurtures public charter schools, educational programs, and enrichment summer camps. With a mission to bring positive change to the world of learning, Top-Notch Educational Group is a beacon of hope for students and educators alike.

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Christina Hsu

Executive Director

Executive Director

Christina Hsu is a pioneering force in California's educational landscape. With multiple subject and administrative credentials, she revolutionized Mandarin dual language immersion in Southern California's public schools, enriching language learning. A principal for 15+ years at a community Chinese language school, her influence reaches beyond classrooms. Advocacy within the Southern California Council of Chinese Schools led to her role in passing Legislature SB 1116 in 2010, propelling language education.

A holder of a Master of Bilingual Education and Multiple Subject Credentials with BCLAD authorization from Loyola Marymount University, Christina champions continual learning. Her background in pharmaceutical research adds a unique facet. She advocates early STEAM education and emphasizes nurturing scientific thinking and problem-solving skills for young minds, fostering a generation of critical thinkers.

At the helm of the Top-Notch STEAM Academy, Christina envisions transcending language barriers. This underdeveloped charter school, focusing on Mandarin dual language immersion from Tk-8th grade, seeks bilingual, culturally astute, and globally aware graduates. Christina's dedication to reshaping education empowers future generations.


Jim Chen

Board Member

Board Member

Jim Chen boasts an impressive career across diverse sectors. Since 2000, he has excelled as a California Real Estate Broker. Prior to this, he showcased his engineering skills as a Design Engineer at Schneider Electric and Emerson Power. His experience extends internationally, having been President of Extreme Power Supply in Taiwan and a Field Engineer at International Power Machine.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jim Chen is deeply engaged in community service, reflecting his dedication to giving back. He has been serving as the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for the Confucius Chinese Language School in Walnut, CA since 2017. This role showcases his commitment to promoting education and cultural understanding within the community. Additionally, Jim is also the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for the Together Against Crime Foundation in East San Gabriel Valley, CA since 2022, underscoring his commitment to enhancing the safety and well-being of his community.

Jim's educational background further attests to his intellectual curiosity and drive for excellence. He holds a Master's degree in Material Science from the University of Texas at Arlington, where he pursued advanced studies from 1979 to 1981.Jim Chen's journey is a testament to his multidisciplinary expertise, unwavering commitment to community development, and his continuous pursuit of knowledge and growth.

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